Puppeteer is a web service that allows you to connect to people who use the Puppeteer Mod with the game RimWorld.

How it works

There are two types of users of this site: Viewers and Streamers. This service connects them by using verified identities from common services like Twitch and YouTube. Every user needs to login via those identity providers in order to use this site.

Once logged in, Viewers will use the lobby to find games being played and Streamers will connect and configure their RimWorld game (using the Puppeteer Mod) to publish their game in the lobby.

A Viewer can then choose to enter a published game and will have to wait in a queue until the Streamer accepts the request. It is up to the Streamer to accept or revoke access to his/her game to the Viewer.

Once accepted, the Viewer is in partial control over a given game character and can issue simple commands as well as observe basic statistics of that game character.