On Seasons in Skyrim

Through some internet randomness, about a year ago I found myself trying to play Skyrim for the first time.

I never got far.

I found modding the game to be far more interesting. Exploring the user-developed content that had already been created by that time was daunting, as its reach far exceeded anything Bethesda had put forward.

Eventually I began tweaking the mods to my liking. This is what I mean when I say hacking. My most recent hack is a tweak for one of the more popular mods to introduce a seasonal element: Frostfall gives the playet temperature and cold weather exposure. I added seasonal changes to this system.

That’s right, Skyrim has no seasons. It has a full-year in-game calendar, but no seasonal variation. If you want any change, you’ve got to travel (kind of like some coastal cities). A lot of very smart people have tried. It looks like at one point Bethesda even tried, but dropped the project.

I love challenges, so I decided to try as well. And I may have succeeded where other people previously have not, due to recent additions to SKSE (a program that hooks into the raw Skyrim binary and allows for extending it in various ways).

There’s a test plugin I’ve uploaded on the Nexus forums just as a proof of concept while I begin implementing it properly. I’m going to (vaguely) attempt to document my progress here, because I’m sure a variety of people will find this interesting, and this project is of a scale and style that I’m going to need beta testers at some point, to test with the large variety of (potentially) conflicting mods out there.

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